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About Maneissa Co.

Maneissa Co. incorporated in 2011 is a technology and business process consulting firm with headquarters in Tyre - Lebanon . Maneissa Co.was incorporated with the vision to bridge the gap between business processes and the application of technology. We maintain a platform agnostic perspective and this helps us provide solutions that best-fit our client needs. We intend to continue on our plan to excel in the full spectrum of technology services, develop frameworks for repeatable end-value to the client, engage and grow with our customers and pass on the accrued benefits to our customers, partners, employees, and community Our core offerings are in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and financial services domains. Maneissa Co. will provide best suitable model for our strategic partner. Maneissa Co. understands that every customer is unique and would want to have a preferred vendor to operate in their terms.

IT Solutions

Successful projects depend on the quality and commitment of key individuals and also on good project management practice. Maneissa Co. have an experienced team available to meet the needs of our clients and also to help you achieve success at each stage of your project

Application Development Services

Maneissa Co.  has industry standard robust methodologies and has well defined application development processes that range from gathering business requirement thru deployment.

Business Intelligence Practice

Maneissa Co. understands that an organization needs accurate, timely information to stay competitive in the marketplace. Our Business Intelligence Practice is successful because we deliver a current, consistent, and comprehensive view of the markets served by our clients, the products and services they offer, and the effectiveness of their processes.


We provide custom web and app development that suit clients’ specific business requirements.

Network Design and Implementation

Keeping your business running smoothly requires building and maintaining a robust, highly available network. Maneissa Co. offers proven network design and implementation services that drive results for your business.

High Speed Internet

Maneissa Co. is a national telecommunications, media and entertainment company. our core principles are centered on a commitment to our Customers, our Employees and our Local Communities. Maneissa Co provides residential and business services digital cable television, high-speed Internet, WiFi and data products and services to keep customers connected anywhere.

As a technology-driven organization, we believe that continued investment in innovation, network and service will allow us to be flexible to meet consumer needs, enhance the customer experience, and provide the best services and highest value to our customers.



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